Surfwatch Woodwork

Surfwatch’s woodwork captures Kaikoura’s charisma in unique wood forms, both decorative and functional.

Beaches gallery

The beaches around SurfWatch range from wide grey sand beaches to boulder/sand mixed beaches to no beach at all. Take a look at a selection.

Front views gallery

You never know what you will see out front at SurfWatch. Trains go by, vintage planes fly by, the weather and surf are ever-changing.

Garden gallery

At SurfWatch, we are slowly working to develop the garden. We never seem to have enough time! Enjoy these shots from around our garden.

Historic Catholic church

Adjoining SurfWatch is a historic catholic Church which in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s served the Mangamaunu area.


These pictures show the front lawn and the position of the “house” at SurfWatch.

Kaikoura coast

Driving the Kaikoura Coast is a magical experience. These photos show some of the variety to be found there.

Learn to surf

Learn to Surf in Kaikoura! If you are keen on surfing, and want to learn, and don’t mind cold water, then do it in Kaikoura!


Ah, the lifestyle at SurfWatch - Mangamaunu. Now this is getting real rural and just plain down to it.

Local artists

Local Artists provide flavour and colour to Kaikoura!


Wow the moon from SurfWatch.

Mountain views

Mountains, mountains. They make Kaikoura so special.


What would a picture gallery be without rainbows?


Here are a few of the sights to see around Kaikoura.

Ocean spray

Produced by the daunting “Nor’west” winds, occasionally our guests witness memorable “Ocean Spray” shows.

Storm surf

A few times of the year, we get huge waves which batter the shore.


East coast sunrises - stunning!


Mid-latitude weather at it’s best! Changeable says it all. This larger gallery shows Kaikoura weather in it’s many different moods.

Whale-watching gallery

Kaikoura is world-renowned for it’s whale-watching adventures. Here’s a small sample.