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15 July 2018

On Monday 14th November 2016, a strong 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck in our area. The earthquake did not adversely affect SurfWatch, and we are operating normally.

Our entrance is off State Highway 1, which is now open to traffic 24/7, but expect delays of up to half an hour, as it is still being repaired. There will be occasional and random closures from time to time.

As always when travelling in New Zealand, keep an eye on the weather. Check with the NZ Transport Authority for road information.

All Kaikoura tourism operators are back to normal operation.

This has been a fascinating once in a lifetime event, and the changes to the landscape are dramatic.

Welcome to SurfWatch Getaway Cottages, Kaikoura, South Island, New Zealand

“Here you will experience the amazing and mysterious moods of nature”

Breath-taking views…. but the photos cannot convey the charisma you feel here. SurfWatch offers peace and quiet and views that enchant you. A great place to relax and unwind.

Our guests say “It is everything in the photos, and more”. “If we would have known, we would have stayed longer”.

A rural country setting on the northern outskirts of Kaikoura, SurfWatch features rooms and cottages nestled in a unique garden setting. Nothing commercial here! Entrances are private and parking is near your doorway. The rooms feature artistic detailing with unique woodwork and stonework of local artists.

  • 12 minutes north of Kaikoura.   See travel times from other places
  • Rural, country setting on a 5 acre property
  • Optional Continental breakfast. At your leisure, self-prepared in your room with provisions provided. No interruptions, appointments, or obligations!
  • Sea views to the East, Mountain views to the West
  • Overlooks the surf and the Pacific Ocean
  • Private access to rooms
  • Excellent surfing (surfing lessons can be arranged)
  • Beachcombing and sight seeing
  • Wireless internet access includes 100MB free access per day(Zenbu)

“The sound of surf upon the shore, the ever changing skies and light, The beauty of the starry heavens in the velvet darkness of the night, the birdsong, flowers, trees and mountains high all conspire and unite to make this truly magical place … SurfWatch.”
–Glenis Rich, guest.

Tip: If you are booking for whale watching or swimming with the dolphins, book at least two nights in Kaikoura. Due to the changeable weather conditions here, trip cancellations are common.